GENDER : Feminine.
PLANET : Venus.
ELEMENT : Earth.
Associated Deities: Dadga, Midhir

Alfalfa is associated with earthly providence because its roots penetrate so deep into the dirt. Adding fresh alfalfa sprouts to a meal is thought to ground etheric energies and increase the physical sustenance of foods.  It’s also associated with psychic awareness and to attract animal spirits.
Keep in the home to protect from poverty and hunger. It is best placed in in the cupboard or or pantry.  

Also used for success in money matters.  Used for money drawing.  A traditional “luck” herb. Not powerful enough to be used alone, this herb “plays well” with other herbs such as Basil, Patchouli and Goldenseal helping to reinforce other luck and money herbs while adding a bit of protective insurance. 

Burn Alfalfa and scatter the ashes around the property for this is used in money spells.
Harvest a small quantity at the full moon. Dry and burn in the cauldron. Place ashes in an magickal amulet.  Weave together alfalfa strands to make an amulet to protect against poverty.  Add alfalfa to your magical cooking to ward off disease, bring money into the home and when general grounding is desired.

In hoodoo, Alfalfa is used for money matters of all kinds, from gambling, to business success, to obtaining a bank loan. It is also used to prevent poverty. Place a pinch in your gris gris  bag or mojo hand for money luck.


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