Planetary Association: Mars

Element: Fire

Deity Associations: Tzaddi (fish hook) Isis, Athena, Shiva

Folklore: There are many plants that carry the common name of devil’s claw, but this one deserves some special attention. Harpagophytum procumbens is a traditional medicine plant of the San people who live in the Kalahari Desert. Devil’s Claw is a perennial desert plant. It is a warrior plant that specifically grows in ground that has been degraded and abused by overgrazing. It protects the ground from further assault by means of its fearsome seeds with their tenacious hooks from which it derived its name.

Magickal Uses:
A Powerful Exorcism and Purification Herb, it is burned on charcoal to cleanse your house of negativity, or when casting a Magick Circle to clear any residual negative energy and create pure space for your magickal work. This is a great herb to burn when moving into a new home to remove the residual energies of previous tenants. It has powerful protective qualities and as an amulet, placed near door ways, may protect against unwanted intruders. The seed pods of Devil’s Claw, named for their threatening shape, make excellent protective charms. The shape of the pods is suggestive of protection.

They are designed for clinging to the feet of large animals, which suggests a use for binding as well.

Devil's Claw Root

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