Gender: Masculine

Planet: Mercury or Mercury in Scorpio associated with the fixed star Capella

Element: Air

Deity: Horus

Powers: Protection, Mental Powers, Exorcism, Healing

Some 400 years before Christ, the famous Greek physician Hippocrates mentioned it in a work on infertility in women. Pliny the Roman Naturalist held horehound to be an herb of prime importance , listing many uses for it, from a laxative to an antidote for snakebite and other poisonings.
Pietro Mattioli prescribed a horehound salve to increase nursing mothers’ milk. In the 19th century horehound was given not only for lung complaints but also for jaundice, dyspepsia, and hysteria.
The dried flower remains floated on oil as candle wicks.

The leaves are used in tonics, liqueurs, and ales, and are made into expectorant and antiseptic cough drops. An infusion relaxes muscles and helps expel mucus, treating bronchitis, croup, and asthma. It destroys intestinal worms and acts as a digestive and liver tonic and laxative. The tea was used internally and externally for eczema and shingles. Its sedative action works in small amounts to  control rapid irregular heartbeats. A hot infusion helps to break fevers and treats malaria and quinine is ineffective, It helps heal skin lesions.

Magickal Uses: 
Use in protective sachets and carry to guard against sorcery and fascination. Also scattered as an exorcism herb. Horehound, when mixed with ash leaves and placed in a bowl of water, releases healing vibrations, and should be placed in a sickroom.

Parts Used: Leaf

If practicing Egyptian magick, burn this herb for Horus.

Horehound is an excellent herb to use in blessing the home. A moderate amount may be added to a ritual cup. One could also make a horehound flavored candy, used to give blessings upon first guests.
As an oil, Horehound may be used in spiritual and psychic healing or any type of healing or restorative work involving magick and energy.

As a general herb to use when working ritual forms, horehound increases your concentration and focus. It increases the mental skills needed to keep distraction at bay and the ability to integrate the mind and body into the realm of the spiritual. Horehound can give you the freedom to weave your creativity into your magick.

Horehound is used in protection sachets and guards against sorcery and fascination. It’s also scattered for exorcisms.

Drink as an infusion and it will clear you mind, and strengthen mental powers.

Horehound brings the energies of Mercury. It brings clarity to the mind and heighten intuition.


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