Planetary Asociation: Mercury

Gender: Masculine

Element: Air

Magickal Uses of Lemongrass:
Lemongrass is a popular herb to work with for magical purposes in both Hoodoo and Mexican Folk Magic traditions.

Cleansing is one of the primary attributes of lemongrass which is why we find it—along with other members of its family like citronella and palmerosa, in products meant to cleanse like Van Van oil. The cleansing action of lemongrass is two-fold—it clears up any obstacles standing in your way and as such has developed a reputation for being an important ingredient in Road Opening magical work, and it also is known to help in changing bad luck to good-making it especially popular with those who have been afflicted by negative conditions.

Because of its ability to foster cleansing and open conditions, lemongrass is sometimes used in Love Magic.


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